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Saturday 9th March

UKC Symphony Orchestra

Canterbury Cathedral

Friday 15th March

UKC Big/Concert Bands

Colyer Fergusson Hall

Saturday 20th April

KD Dance Orchestra

Party, Cathedral Lodge

Saturday 27th April

KD Dance Orchestra

Party, Kent!

Friday 31st May

UKC Big Band/Strings

Colyer Fergusson Hall

Monday 27th May

KD Dance Orchestra

Wedding, Lympne Castle

Sunday 2nd June

UKC Big Band

Deal Bandstand

Saturday 8th June

UKC Concert Band

Colyer Fergusson Hall

Saturday 15th June

KD Dance Orchestra


Wednesday 26th - 2nd July

Festival on the Hill, Canterbury

Saturday 29 June tbc...

KD Dance Orchestra

Ball, Canterbury

Saturday 31 August tbc...

KD Dance Orchestra


Friday 18th October

KD Dance Orchestra

Canterbury Festival Opening Party!

Monday 28th October

KD Dance Orchestra


Friday 29th November

KD Dance Orchestra

Alexander Centre, Faversham

Wednesday 18th  December

KD Dance Orchestra

Pizza Express, Holborn

Ian Swatman, Head of Performance at the St Edmund's, says: “Through the opportunities the arts present at St Edmund’s many of our pupils find their own means of expression, they develop strong relationships with their peers and build self-confidence they didn’t know they had.

“A society with a suppression of the arts beyond what we have now is unthinkable. The benefits of the arts in education are well documented, if not always supported, and the fight to keep the arts at the core of our society must not wane. At St Edmund’s, music and the arts are considered a vital component of the education we offer.”     

The Surrey Times

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KD Dance Orchestra


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