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Wednesday night 'doodles' in the Colyer Fergusson Building at the University of Kent

I've Got A Crush On You - Ian Swatman clarinet
Black Orpheus - Ian Swatman clarinet
Serenade For My Lady - Ian Swatman clarinet
Jamaican Rumba - Ian Swatman clarinet

It was the sound of the legendary Jack Brymer (right) that inspired me to pursue this musical journey. He became a good friend to me and great mentor. I can never thank him enough, never forgotten. 

Here's a few tunes that I've recorded, hope you enjoy them. All quite informal but good fun.

I'm very lucky to play a beautiful Peter Eaton Elite clarinet, made in the English tradition but very sadly no longer in production. 

From private homes to Canterbury Cathedral, Thames sailing barges to Claridge's I've played them all.
If you want a touch of classy live music at your event I can provide anything from a duo to a 9 piece swing/soul band. 

Feel free to get in touch or just enjoy listening.......


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