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Spats Dillinger and the Buzzing Half Dozen


Active years 1985-2002

'Spats Dillinger' started way back in 1982 with the C4 Stompers at Christ Church College Canterbury loads of beer and very hazy memories - well at least for me! Phil Veacock didn't do too badly for himself and has enjoyed a great career with Jools Holland as well as the odd 'Spats' appearance. 'Spats' with Peter Cook, Robert Jarvis, Nick Hibbard and myself then evolved and went on to be a regular performers at festivals all over the place. Norway, Ireland, Holland to name but a few and legendary visits down to St.Tropez in the summers. The Variety Club of Great Britain Sunshine coach will stay with me forever. Through two albums, 'Spinach for Me' and 'Fruitcake' the band stayed remarkably stable with few comings and goings but every character a legend! Richard Latham, Noel Joyce, Brent Keefe drummed, Bob Monk and Steve Wassell were with us on tuba followed by the legendary Richard 'Iron Lips" Hopkins. 

Wonderful memories of trips with Greg Hagger, Otis Wolstenholme on bass and Brent Keefe, Jean Victor De Boer both surviving excursions across the water.

The Squealing Pig, Monaghan - no more to be said! 


Memories for a lifetime x

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